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23 June 2009 @ 02:41 am
oh... this was long forgotten..

thought I should announce long ago, but somehow I really forgot

dun think I'll write anything in here anymore.. ((and the fact is I did stop writing for more than... I can't even remember how long LOL))
simply becuz the speed and access for posting entry is very difficult for me

will post entries in communities ((mostly in Kagrra, ones)) only;
I'll willing to devote more time on refreshing the pages that went dead (( yes, it happened TOO often)) in communities, but definitely not personal blog..

and, if you are interested in reading my nonsense stuffs.. it is here
(( I have a bad habbit of abandone blogs though.. only with the matter of time....))

thanks to people who added me to their friend list.
it's not necessary, cuz I keep all the updates in communities; never here.
but still, I'll add you back if you added me, with exception of accounts that have no entry at all.

*** tired and sleepy now.... so my poor English was even worse... -_-

Oyasumi & Sayonara to my personal blog page

09 February 2009 @ 09:08 am
my very favorite song for quite some time and now... still love it so much :33

the bullet - BASIS

I can't believe how Unprofessional Fool's Mate is.....
they should probably retrain their staffs or something..

I feel embarrased for them to make such a mistake...
02 November 2008 @ 08:47 pm
I don't have any offense to a certain band, but just getting too sick of seeing same posts EVERYWHERE.
That's really more than enough to me.

Therefore, I'll start delete some friends and communities from my friendlist just to make my friend page looks nicer,
at least, to me.

Since I don't really write any meaningful stuffs here, (none for d/ls of course LOL), no one will probably care about this.
It's fine~ : ]

Just realize I hadn't been doing the translations for really long...... *sigh
I'm still wondering whether I'll do it again or not.. afterall, I don't check Kagrra, members' diaries on regular basis anymore.
Still love them very much, but just I'm lazy and I don't even participate that much in Kagrra, communities or my own fansite bbs = =;
That's sad... isn't it?
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02 November 2008 @ 03:45 am
omg... I died = =

Halloween event is the BEST!!!!!



Motto... motto..Collapse )
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01 November 2008 @ 12:11 am
updated my profile page!

anyone knows where I can get colorbars of "matenrou opera, jinkaku radio, 9goats black out"? ._.

26 October 2008 @ 01:27 am
OMG........ Let me KILL MYSELF!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!
how can I not aware of my BELOVED DO AS INFINITY is BACK!!!!
I still remember how hard I cried when hearing about their disbanding.....
I can NEVER imagine myself being so totally ignorant about this........ T_____T but I did... damn I.......

I'm going to refocus on them again.. coz it was them who really touched me by heart for the first time.
I want to find back that feeling again, at least, give a try.

SORRY to be SO LATE of knowing about this.
DAI = Special meanings、永遠に。

Do As Infinity, お帰り~~~~~~~~!

16 October 2008 @ 02:10 pm
Recently listening to...

- Kagrra, (oh~my source of life)
- RENTRER EN SOI (no doubt)
- SID (as always)

- vistlip
- Matenrou Opera (OMG! I love their new single!!)
- Kra (the new single only)
- you (new single)
- phantasmagoria (few)
- Diru (old songs)
- Mannequin (few)
- whiteblack (some)
- Megamasso (last single)
- 12012 (last single)
- Jinkaku Radio (old songs)

.... some that I can't remember = =

are there any songs on you recommend list? I don't really care whether it's old or new LOL
Thank you!
* oh... styles like An Cafe and SuG are really not my taste 8P

ps. God, My UZU is still no where to be seemed............ when am I going to get my copy T ^ T
pss. met a couple Jrock fans in Thailang (through the Internet of course)! Am happy about it ^___^ they are so nice!
17 September 2008 @ 04:31 pm
I know I had not written anything for a long time...

but this is the time I feel I need to write as much as I could, everywhere probably..

the RENTRER EN SOI thing made me feel very. sad.
I feel like crying.
I still love them very much. yes, I do. They are great.
can't belive this is happening. damn.
01 December 2007 @ 10:21 pm
im so lazy to update...... but somehow... i received this from my friend and feel like..

and for Kagrra_soul, i won't able to update in 1 or 2 weeks.. coz DAMN exams are comming next week
*i died

New school semester:
user posted image

At the first week:
user posted image

At the second week:
user posted image

Before the mid-term test:
user posted image

During the mid-term test:
user posted image

After the mid-term test:
user posted image

Before the final exam:
user posted image

Once know the final exam schedule:
user posted image

7 days before final exam:
user posted image

6 days before final exam:
user posted image

5 days before final exam:
user posted image

4 days before final exam:
user posted image

3 days before final exam:
user posted image

2 days before final exam:
user posted image

1 day before final exam:
user posted image

A night before final exam:
user posted image

1 hour before final exam:
user posted image

During the final exam:
user posted image

Once walk out from the exam hall:
user posted image

After the final exam, during the holiday:
user posted image

ps. sorry if i took too much of your space in friend page...
24 October 2007 @ 03:21 am
urh.... i fell asleep...... from 9 o'clock till now
it's 2:30 in the morning.. *sigh
should wake up and take a shower and study for a bit...
exams are killing me.......

Sorry to be Sooooo late...
マオにゃん お誕生日おめでとう!

*feel ashamed today... i really shouldn't be requesting a lot but try to buy their stuffs even it's very difficult here.. *sigh
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23 October 2007 @ 12:16 am
am happy!! XDDD

my friend said that Miyako 3333 limited DVD box (i forgot how was the name like ._. ) has reached his place!
lol~becoz im not in Taiwan so i asked him to order that for me ^^
he's really a good friend!! ♥♥♥♥♥
can't wait to get my DVD!!! but i dun really trust air shipping system TAT therefore still thinking if i should ask him to mail to me or..... wait till i go back to Taiwan??? man...... it's like still a year away =_____=
I CAN'T DECIDE!!!!!!!!!! >""""""""""<
it's really expensive ne..... NT$3400.. that's like $104.0392
if it get lost...... i'll kill myself (lol~no.. the postman)

and becoz japanese mid-term is also coming (on thursday)
i need to write an essay by using そうです & ようです... anyone interested in reading? XDDDDDDD

EDIT: lj-cuts is stupid sometimes = =... once i changed from rich text mode to html... it doesn't work anymore! da*n!
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21 October 2007 @ 10:32 pm
lol~~ because i want a ReS icon too.. so here it is >>>
im really not satisfy w/ this but i dun have any texture w/ me right now so....X'(
will try to fix and make a new one after the exams...

and i plan to do one for each member too ^^
my graphic skill still sucks but more practices will help right? XDD

ps. preferring textures rather than brushes.. coz brushes are so difficult to blend in TAT
pss. the Excel exam was really difficult...... im failing mid-term FOR SURE *cry*
psss. ReS is described as "耽美"... urh.... nowadays  "耽美" in Chinese actually means "yaoi" stuffs =v=
i guess this term is imported from nihongo? lol~ *laugh
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21 October 2007 @ 07:02 am
am happy!
even though im still not so sure about the playback thing, i've learned the differences between playback and backingtape.
it feels good to know new things, especially it's what i considered to be interesting ^^

quoting from pikkuelukka 
"playback and backingtape are two different things. backingtape is when there's the special stuff like piano's and backing vocals etc come from tape, but playback is when either just main vocals or everything including drums and guitars come from tape."

now i think im ready to say that, ReS has become one of my favorite bands! and Satsuki is my favorite vocalist besides Isshi!!! (i still love Isshi's voice more than anything :D and im not dumping Kagrra,! never!) it's just that now i love ReS very much too~ they are really great! not only Satsuki's voice is attractive to me, (even though it was the main reason why i was suddenly so interested in them) but more importantly was the music itself..
currently im trying to get that wither live and i hate myself and want to... pv
MU & rapidshare aren't very nice to me today... but i'll wait! lol~~i know i can get those one day! XDDD

ps. ready to FAIL my exam! 8DDDDDDD
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21 October 2007 @ 12:57 am
holly crap!!!! i was laughing like HELL XDDDDDD

19 October 2007 @ 08:13 pm


lol~~~~~ 8DDDDD
it's interesting  XDDDDDD

* studying for mid-term exams TTwTT
12 July 2007 @ 01:53 pm
who has an account of this??? >>>http://mixi.jp/regist.pl
plz invite me.....orz|||
i think to be able to join.... i need a invitation..... .......
i wanna join~~~~~~~~
23 June 2007 @ 04:59 am
can i say these guys are totally insane...?
Mao...... 48 PAGES of blog entries!!!!!!!!!
Shinji... 89 entries...
Aki... 49
Yuya... updated EVERYDAY......

are you guys having no better things to do besides spamming your own blogs??? XDDDD

Shinji you are the worst TAT
now even Mao is starting to post that "太田胃散" in his blog....

and look at SHINJI & MAO's blogs.......... they must be TOO drunk that they are definitely doing something ABNORMAL
JUNK ENTRIES over everywhere!!!! XDDDDDDDDD

Two crazy people over here =___=

run to sleep now ._.
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18 June 2007 @ 02:27 pm
can i say i found some guy who looks like the mix of Tora and Hiropon???
XDDDDDDDDDD (still laughing)

ima.... listening to 「the GazettE戒のプレミアムラジオ~本当に2時間、生放送なのか!?スペシャル~」
but i can't seem to understand anything orz||||
my speed is so bad that it stops frequently TAT

izumi's laughs are TERRIBLE =v=bbbbbbb
i feel lucky that i didn't wear my earphone....

hearing 4 men laughing and laughing all the time  XDDD